Leader Launcher Will Develop Leadership Skills in Your Growth-Minded Employees

Leader Launcher is a dynamic Tri-Cities leadership development incubator for growth-minded young professionals, as well as those who are in, and those who aspire to, new leadership positions in your company or organization.

This dynamic leadership program is geared toward your young professionals and emerging leaders who want to “level up” their skillset and mindset so they can become more of a Tri-Cities influencer.

Leader Launcher is comprised of two-hour leadership development seminars that are designed to boost one leadership or personal growth competency each month. The participants who take part in the LIVE sessions will learn from Growing Forward Services leadership coach and trainer Paul Casey, or one of his colleagues, practical tools on a topic and then prepare an action plan for application and discussion at their workplace.

Time is set aside in Leader Launcher for creative networking so your growth-minded employees can cultivate professional relationships with other advancing leaders in their industries.

All of the information gleaned at Leader Launcher is very applicable to their real work situations. It is not just information; It’s transformation!

Leader Launcher Program is Ideally Suited for Young & Emerging Leaders

Leader Launcher is for your employees who have a desire to “level up” their skill set as well as their mindset so they can be more of a Tri-Cities influencer. If you as a team or organizational leader are interested in developing your young and emerging leaders, then enroll them in Leader Launcher where they will greatly benefit.

If you have in your organization or team a young professional who is eager to learn, who wants to stretch their learning capabilities, and they have upward mobility, then then they will gain a lot of valuable skills in Leader Launcher.

Leader Launcher is ideally suited for your employees who have held their current leadership positions for two to 12 years or are next in line for a leadership role. If they have a strong interest in improving their leadership skills, then you will enjoy a high return on investment with Leader Launcher.

In general, Leader Launcher is meant for any professionals who are motivated to improve themselves and want to become more effective on your team or in your organization. If they are wanting to take their career to the next level, they are well suited for Paul Casey’s Leader Launcher program.

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Leader Launcher Benefits Young & Emerging Leaders with Skills that Bring More Value to Their Teams & Organizations

You're in good company.

Leader Launcher will empower your young and emerging leaders to succeed and become exceptional leaders on your team or in your organization. They will gain self-confidence, perspective, and wisdom that they can translate into greater success at their jobs.

Anyone taking part in Leader Launcher will have an opportunity to clarify their vision and discover ways to influence and inspire other people. Leader Launcher equips your emerging leaders with team-building skills, as well.

In Leader Launcher, your young leaders will also be taught how to avoid pitfalls and mistakes, in part, by forming networks and building relationships with other successful leaders in their industries.

For your early-to-mid-career professionals, they will also develop leadership skills and attitudes that are sure to add more value to your business or organization, as well as to the Tri-Cities community.

Your ambitious young and emerging leaders will come away from Leader Launcher mastering their leadership style and being emulated by their teams, which paves the way for a more successful and dynamic team or organization!

Enroll Your Young & Emerging Leaders in Leader Launcher so You Can Develop Next-Generation Leaders for Your Team and Organization

If you have young and emerging leaders on your team or in your organization, and this includes early-to-mid-career professionals, you are encouraged to enroll them in Leader Launcher so they can fully understand and master their leadership style and make significant positive impacts at their workplace, while you develop the next generation of exceptional leaders.